Welcome to the CoolGallery Network

Great art is created everyday by creative, everyday people.Perhaps not considered artists by the 'art world' these everyday people are nonetheless talented and creating great art.

The "Cool Gallery Network” was started in 2003 by a group of these folk who all agreed the artistically inclined needed an avenue to publicly display their work, explore their talents, hone their skills and build their confidence.Many of our artists have since become established in the art world.

Now it's 2011 and "Cool Gallery Network” is widening its focus to become a place where all people of artistic talent can work together and learn from each other. We are welcoming all artists of all ages, both amateur and professional. Our goal is to help our member artists make contacts in the art world, learn how to self-promote and bring their work to the public.

We are currently working with established members of the art community to provide classwork, seminars and a mentor program.To complement the website we are looking to acquire a physical address with a gallery to help our member artists get their work to market.

ART is not something to be quantified or placed in a box. Everyone has the ability to create and enjoy. A misguided word can crush someone's dreams and close a path for expression and enrichment. "I used to enjoy doing art but I was told I had no talent so I stopped". That's sad and we don't like that. Which is why "Cool Gallery Network” is all about positive reinforcement.

We give you permission. So give yourself permission. CREATE

2003 Cool Gallery Calendar images enjoy!!!!